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Our philosophy & our menu

“Fresh and seasonal, first choice, made by hand, healthy and natural, care and inclusion, traditional with a twist, passion, creativity and beauty”

We source as much as possible fresh, local, organic and seasonal produce here at Osteria Papazzo.

Our weekly casual Pop up nights feature our signature dishes, our homemade organic bread, focaccias and different specials each week.

For this type of events, we use durum wheat dried pasta even though we handmake, handcraft, handcut and handroll from scratch with no machine our fresh pasta for our Specials.

The flours we use are organic, sustainable and from wholegrain milling co. 

We only use extra virgin olive oil for our dishes and dressing and we only use peanut oil for deep frying.

We do not use any sweetener or added sugar in our kitchen unless it is present naturally in some of the produce

we use or it is necessary for some of our dessert recipes. 

We activate everything so our dishes are more gentle to your health.

The meat we source is all gluten free and most of our greens, edible flowers and leaves are sourced at Newcastle greens farm here in Cooranbong, NSW. 

Our food is prepared in a kitchen where gluten, dairy, nuts or other food allergens are used,

so please let us know if you have any dietary requirement or any particular allergy when you reserve a table with us.

We offer a small simple menu and we take care for meatatarian, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets. 

Everyone is very welcome to dine with us, either you are alone or with your family and friends.:)

Here at Osteria Papazzo, We celebrate my Neapolitan and Italian roots, through Australian produce in a more healthy way compared to my ancestors :) and We are so honoured to share them with you here in Newcastle.

We do our job with lots of passion, love, knowledge, constant research, study and curiosity.

We hope our flavours will stay in your heart for a long time and that they will nourish, nurture and comfort your palate and soul.

We invite you to share with us your experience.

We always love compliments,

but honest feedback and advice help us to grow and evolve. :) 

With love, kindness and gratitude.

Alessandra, Christian and Marley



Pop ups at Talulah, The Junction

& at MOOR, Newcastle East.


+61 0401841401



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