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Osteria Papazzo Pop up Nights have a new home!

As you might have seen from our social media, we have now a new home and its name is Newcastle. It's just two months we have been living here since returning from our one way ticket journey overseas and it feels so good and so right.

Since day one, we felt very connected to this area and land and everyone has been so friendly and very welcoming.

6 weeks ago I started again with my Flowers Pop up and I am so grateful and honoured to be able to launch our OSTERIA PAPAZZO Nights too.

Osteria Papazzo is our mobile cuisine-Pop up restaurant, that after Byron Bay and Port Macquarie calls now Newcastle home.

The location that will be hosting our Pop up nights, is beautiful, simple, warm and cosy and has a little tiny square that reminds me in a very tiny way of an Italian square.:-)

On Friday the 2nd of June I will be able to welcome you at very long tables to nurture, comfort and nourish your palate, soul and all your senses with a beautiful multi sensorial dining experience.

We will be in the company of Tony a wonderful funny sommelier who will guide you during the night with the selection of wines we choose.

It will be a 3 course set menu dinner paired with different wines and all the food will be handcrafted homemade from scratch with the use of only my hands and rolling pin sourcing quality organic seasonal, local & fresh produces.

I will celebrate once again my authentic traditional Neapolitan culture in a more sustainable and healthy way.

Be ready to dance if you feel like on the tunes of a wonderful soundtrack that I am designing for the night and be ready to be transported to Italy from Talulah tables through some of my deepest passions.

Come alone or bring your family and friends and enjoy a different night!

Here below I am adding as well a link to a little article that FOCUS magazine in Port Macquarie wrote about us on our nights in Port, hope you enjoy it and I hope you can join us on the first 2 nights at Talulah Bar, the Junction, Newcastle.

When: Friday the 2nd or the 23rd February, at 6:45pm.

Tickets are now available on the website.

Thank you in advance for reading till the end and thank you for supporting our sustainable flowers and flavours journey, it's always an honour to create for you.

from Napoli with love. Alessandra

OSTERIA PAPAZZO page 16 Year 2019

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